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Melissa Chaudet 23-01-22

I met Steve at the beginning of Summer 2021. Steve set up a first meeting to get to know each other and see how we could work together. I was really impressed by his complete understanding of my challenges and his empathetic approach, so I decided to sign up. I did not particularly want to loose weight or gain muscle. I was rather interested in going back to a healthy sport routine and get the momentum to continue training by myself afterwards. I initially planned 10 sessions and enjoyed the training with Steve so much that I went on for 6 months. 


Steve's coaching sessions are challenging, but so much fun. We've done a lot of TRX training, boxing and other cardio exercises together. He adapted the training to keep it fresh and new and he's been really good at setting up challenges at the right level and raising the bar as the sessions went by, so I would always feel that I am making progress. Over the weeks, I became much more toned and felt stronger, but the bigger impact it had on my life was that I was feeling much more energetic and positive. 


I'm very grateful that I've crossed Steve's path. Time always flies during the training because he makes them so entertaining and fun. With Steve, I reached my goal to becore more active again, find excitement and enthusiasm in practicing sport, and get back into a training routine. Thank you so much Steve for these great sessions! 

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Alison Moore 29-09-21

During lockdown I realised I was gaining weight and becoming increasingly unfit. I decided I needed to do something so I found Steve from his What a Life website. 

I found my first session challenging as it showed me the truth about what I could and couldn't do but once I had committed myself to change things got easier.

Steve has never asked me to do something I wasn't able to do and has consistently set me a programme of exercises which have improved my fitness. It helps that he is easy to get along with and has a good sense of humour!

I now feel more confident and this has impacted other areas of my life - realising I can take on a challenge and succeed has improved my work life and relationships as well.

I have lost the extra pounds I gained during lockdown and last weekend I completed Run for Life at Hyde Park raising over 200 pounds for Cancer Research which was great. :)

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Dorota Bourne 28-10-20

I started working out with Steve after the first UK lockdown has ended. I am not a novice to fitness but with gyms closed, all I was doing were walks and a sporadic workout with a youtube channel. Outdoor workouts were new to me but I was up for a challenge. Also, after months of working from home I felt out of shape and quite low mentally. 

I enjoyed sessions with Steve from the start. They were different to what I was familiar with and also pitched at the right level for me: challenging but fun. Quite quickly I started making progress: getting stronger, feeling better and noticing my body becoming more toned. With two sessions per week and no change to my diet whatsoever, that was an impressive progress!

I am really grateful for this experience and to Steve, for his attitude and effort. He put me on the right path where I am continuing with a more active lifestyle and most importantly for making my lockdown summer a success. I feel so much better, I look better and I am proud of making this positive change during a very difficult time. Thank you Steve for great sessions and all the laughs! 


Ellie Hepworth 08-08-20

When I started working with Steve, I was doing a bit of running and swimming. However, with a busy work life and a lack of routine, things always seemed to get in the way of workouts. 

Working with Steve gives me a clear routine and keeps me motivated. He has been so helpful, making workout plans which are manageable, but still challenging. Steve makes sessions fun as well as pushing me to meet my goals. I have always felt intimidated by gym environments – so being able to have sessions outside has been great. 

I have noticed massive improvements. Being stronger has improved my running and swimming, and my upper back pain, caused by working at a computer every day, has completely disappeared!

I really recommend Steve as a trainer - I am so grateful for his support in reaching my goals and look forward to continuing to work together and improve!!


Daniel Albon 16-08-19

I found Steve after I hit 18 stone and realised that I needed to become more active in order to shed weight. My gym membership was only effective in draining my bank balance so I knew I would need help to realise my goals. The initial introduction session was extremely difficult and made me question whether I was capable of seeing this through, but with Steve’s support I soon started to see fairly rapid improvements.

It wasn’t easy and I did need to become more disciplined in my everyday life, but the motivation I gained from training with Steve helped spur me on. When you’re doing squats in a park at 5am on a cold December morning, suddenly going for a run in the sunshine doesn’t seem so difficult!

Steve was extremely accommodating to my schedule and having a trainer that comes to you makes it so much easier to stay committed.

I have already achieved so much more than I expected in the 10 months since that initial training session. I have completed my first 10k, my first half marathon and even made a foolhardy attempt to complete the 145 Kennet & Avon Canal Race. I didn’t come close to finishing but the 36 miles I did manage is something I wouldn’t have dreamt about a year ago.

I will continue to use Steve’s services in future and would recommend him to anyone that, like me, struggles to motivate themselves and has already invested far too much money in unused gym memberships.

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Gabrielle Acquah 15-08-19

I was already working out regularly when I met Steve. I was looking for a trainer because although I was exercising, I wasn’t seeing the kind of results I was hoping for, plus I wanted to lose some weight before my wedding. Steve is a very nice and funny guy. Even though his routines are challenging he still manages to put a smile on your face and motivates you to keep going in an encouraging manner, instead of yelling as I have experienced with other trainers. Since training with him, I have been able to lift more weights and do more reps. For example, I used to use 50 kg on the leg press when working out alone, I did 120 kg yesterday!! And I would only do push ups on my knees before but now I do them on my toes. Aside the exercises, he also provides advice on diet and makes helpful recommendations. There’s an improvement and I highly recommend him!

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Ossian Olsen 13-08-19

Thank you Steve for coaching me over the past two years.   You have kept me motivated and your workouts have really helped me improve my conditioning and physique.  I feel we are achieving the goals we set and your ability to tailor the training sessions, to push me further, makes all the difference.  I look forward to continuing working with you and setting even tougher goals.

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Charlie Thomas 13-04-19

I started personal training with Steve in February 2017 after I signed up to do a Tough Mudder with a couple of guys from work. I played a lot of sport at school and university but since entering the real world of work had become unfit. 


Tough Mudder completed, I decided to continue my sessions with Steve. Over time I became fitter and stronger and even shed a bit of timber. My mindset towards exercise completely changed too. For the first time in my life I would go to the park on my own before work and do a HIIT workout or go for a run. 


Steve is an excellent personal trainer who is reliable and punctual. My sessions (a mixture of TRX and HIIT) were always fun, varied and challenging, and Steve always pushed me to make sure I was getting the most out of them. 


In 2 months time I will be cycling through South America and I'm sure the millions of burpees, jump squats and mountain climbers (urgh!) I did will power me up and over the Andes!    

Leanne  Alleyne 10-04-18

I've have always struggled with motivation, and have spent over a decade wasting money on unused gym memberships, equipment and fitness DVDs.  PT sessions with Steve have made me fitter, stronger and healthier than I've ever been, and cemented a regular fitness routine that I actually enjoy. I've even signed up for Tough Mudder! 


Kathryn Jarvis & Andrew Hunter (Team GB Bejing 2008)  13-12-17

We really enjoyed our time with Steve. Through using a combo of bodyweight, high intensity, TRX exercises and boxing we both feel in much better shape having both lost over 8lbs. Importantly however, despite the early mornings outside, we had fun! Steve pushed us both where appropriate and made sessions that suited our ability. We are disappointed we can’t take him with us to our new home!

Daniel Martinez 28-07-17

If I have to summarise my relation with Steve I will say it was a life-changing experience!


I was always a kind of active person, with seasons doing more sports and activities than others but in general lines an average sporty-person. Several times I tried to improve my fitness levels going to the gym and trying new sports but nothing helped. After one year doing zero exercise I decided it was enough, I wanted to make a change in my life-style, my habits, my diet,I wasn’t happy with my body neither.


I found What A Life Fitness through Google reviews and decided to give it a go but honestly not expecting big things. I was totally wrong, Steve not only helped my with my fitness but also with motivation and setting my goals higher than I ever think I could. After 7 months meeting him weekly I lost around 2.5 stones of weight, increased my muscle mass and pushed to the limits my cardio and stamina. I learned how to eat healthier, I learned how my body works and how I can get the most of it, also learned how to control your thoughts to push harder and further. All of this thanks to him.


My testimonial wouldn’t be complete if I’m not mentioning how fun is to train with Steve also! Having a great time in every training makes think every week in the next one.


I absolutely recommend What A Life Fitness to anyone looking for a change, YOU CAN DO IT. 

Lizzie Bonito 28-04-17

I was lucky enough to be given 10 sessions with Steve as a birthday present from my husband. I started the sessions in December 2016 to complement training for the Brighton marathon and after the 10 sessions finished I decided to continue seeing Steve once a week. As an experienced long distance runner, Steve was able to put together a training regime which would ultimately enable me to finish my first marathon feeling strong and capable. Steve's experience meant that he was able to give me the right advice when I was overdoing it, petrified with nerves or feeling despondent about training. I couldn’t have finished the marathon without him. 


Steve is a brilliant trainer who brings good humour and positivity to exercise and despite having to drag myself out of bed at 5am on a Friday morning, I always look forward to our sessions because I come away feeling great about myself. 


I’ve carried on training with Steve since finishing the marathon because I enjoy it so much and I have undoubtedly noticed a huge improvement in my running fitness, form and endurance. 

Holly Boyd & Michael Gentry 20-04-17

'Holly and I have had Steve as a PT for a few months now and we have already booked up for the next few months too.  Steve has a fantastic way of pushing Holly and I to our individual output/effort limits week after week and always with a different workout to keep the session fresh and us continually guessing.  Steve has great banter too which lifts the spirits towards the end of a session when energy levels are at their lowest.   I cannot reccomend Steve highly enough'.

Carmel & Jojo Allen 13-04-17


'Steve is great at giving you a positive mental outlook as well as getting you stronger and fitter. Over the past two years I've gone from not being able to run 1k to running a half marathon and I sit up better and walk taller too. My teenager daughter trains with me too and there is never, ever a session where we don't head home happy and smiling together - even if we've turned up tired and in a grump. Can't recommend his approach enough'. 

Rowan Chidgey 22-12-16

'I started personal training with Steve on a 3 month programme with a clear target in mind to finish a half marathon comfortably within 2 hours.  Steve designed a very tailored running and strength training plan based on me achieving this goal including weekly sessions with him, plus clear direction on what to do in my own time.  He was fantastic at answering any questions and keeping me motivated throughout.  I achieved my goal very comfortable at 1:56hrs!'

Carolyn Hoffman 01-06-16

When I began training with Steve 2 ½ years ago, I was struggling with low energy levels, frequent migraine headaches and severe shoulder, knee and hip pain due to far too many hours seated at a desk in front of a computer. Thanks to Steve’s constructive approach – he always challenges me in a positive, encouraging and upbeat way – my migraine frequency has been reduced by more than half, my shoulder, hip and knee pain have been virtually eliminated and my energy levels are significantly improved. I have a five-year-old son with special needs and being able to carry, piggy-back and hoist him onto my shoulders with ease is hugely important to me – as is my re-discovered love of running and the previously unknown satisfaction of a boxing workout! Steve keeps sessions challenging and fun, changing things up regularly to ensure that neither I nor my muscles get bored or complacent, which means that my sessions are something I look forward to, rather than simply another “must do” on a long to-do list. I cannot recommend him highly enough – his sessions are effective, tailored to my needs and priorities and a lot of fun to do.

Mrinal Madina 24-04-16


"I've been working with Steve for 6 months now. He is has been a fantastic trainer, helping me by designing and delivering a custom fitness training programme. He makes each session different, interesting and tailored based on how fit I am at that time. He is punctual, reliable and highly committed to improving my fitness and life in general. Steve also makes the sessions fun and engaging. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a personal trainer in West London."

Liz Clarkson 25-02-16


I started training with Steve 4 months ago and I can't believe the difference it has made! 

I originally had the goal of getting back into a good fitness routine which I have definitely done, as well as my sessions with Steve I'm back running, have taken up spinning and doing lots of Hiit training. Although that was my goal I've achieved so much more than I thought possible. I've done a series of 10k runs during this time and have managed to knock over 3 minutes off my pb and lost inches from toning up! It must be all those jump squats!!!

I would recommend Steve to anyone, whether you're looking to lose weight, train for an event or just get back into fitness - if you put the effort in the rewards are great!

Daisy 30-09-15


Turning 30 and getting married within a few months of each other came as quite a shock, my biggest fear of bingo

wings in a wedding dress was about to be realised....Having lost four stone through diet and spinning, I was in real need of someone to help motivate me into toning up and losing the last stone or so before my big day.

Steve was a godsend, he listened to what I wanted and tailored my sessions to be interesting, fun and really target my problem areas while ensuring that I kept up my aerobic exercise with some hard core tabata.He had great advice and made sure I really got everything out of each session, while teaching me new exercises that I could use in the gym and also at home - I am a total TRX convert (apart from jump squats...!). I lost inches all over, including several around each arm - something I never thought would happen.

Steve was kind, supportive and fun to work with - and most importantly he got me the results I wanted.

Will & Emily Yell 23-10-14


We started training with Steve about a year ago with the goal of getting into better shape for our wedding. Five months on from our wedding we are still training with Steve and reaping the benefits, both in terms of core strength and overall levels of fitness. Steve is a great guy, highly personable, knowledgeable, a great motivator, and most importantly a partner on your fitness journey. Train with Steve and we can promise you three things:



1 - You will be sore the day(s) after, but you'll quickly see the benefits, provided you give it 100%


2 - You won't stop learning about new techniques, exercises, diet and nutrition


3 - As a couple, you'll laugh a lot... at each other, at Steve, at Steve's somewhat dubious sense of humour


We'd thoroughly recommend Steve to anyone with a specific fitness goal in mind!

Alexis Moore 14-10-14


I hate gyms, I hate sports or anything that is athletic. My idea of pushing myself would be to get out of bed on time. But I decided last year that enough was enough and I needed to do something to lose some weight and get fit. 
And so I went to Steve. 

My first session was hilarious. After half an hour later, I was the colour of beetroot and trying my hardest to not pass out or throw up in the park. It was embarrassing. But Steve was great and didn't laugh at me and just encouraged me to keep going. 
That was a year ago and I've been doing sessions with him twice a week ever since.

I am definitely fitter, I can do so much more than I ever expected and I can't believe I'm about to say this, but I think I actually enjoy it now! 

Steve is brilliant - a lovely man who persists with trying to make me push myself (regardless of the amount I swear at him).  He keeps it interesting and varies each session so you don't get bored and there's just something lovely about being out in the park in the morning, rain or shine, knowing that you're being good and exercising. 
I can't thank him enough for being a great friend and showing me that fitness doesn't have to be horrible and unpleasant. I have lost weight, my jeans fit better and I can do press ups on my toes! So happy!

I would tell anyone to sign up to his sessions immediately. It will be worth it and you'll be really pleased you did. It's a life changer....But just watch out for those Burpees! Ugh! 

Caroline Collins 09-09-14

I have been training with Steve now almost 6 months. After turning 40 I decided that my non existent exercise routine should change. Steve has helped me achieve a level of physical fitness I would not have thought possible, certainly never left to my own devices. I have definitely seen a big change in my body shape and lots of friends and family have commented on how well I look. This is all down to Steve's personal training routine that's designed just for me. His encouragement, expertise and motivation have made these last six months not only very productive but also very enjoyable ( although don't get me wrong it's hard work too!) He also has a great sense of humour which helps! 


I would certainly recommend Steve to anyone, whether you are a beginner or just want to build on your current exercise regime. 

Jodi O'Brien 21-07-14


I started training with Steve three months ago with the goal of improving my overall fitness and getting back into a regular exercise routine.  The sessions with Steve have helped me achieve this and more.  They are always fun and no two sessions are the same.  Steve is a fantastic coach and each session comes with a good balance of encouragement, support and pushing through barriers to the next level.  I genuinely find myself looking forward to the training (despite the 100s of burpies I’ve done) and feel much fitter, stronger and more energised than before. 

Through Steve’s continued encouragement I have also rekindled my love of running and am now training for a 10k race in September with the hope of a new PB.  Overall I fully recommend Steve’s services to all who want to get fit in a fun and supportive environment.

Tom Roberts 18-03-14


I started training with Steve with the goal to improve my running times and after only a couple of weeks of core and strength training I was beating my previous best times by over 10%. I have continued training weekly with Steve for the last five months and the benefits have been amazing: much improved all round strength, faster recovery times after running, totally injury free and inches lost off my waist! My only regret is not having signed up with Steve earlier!

Hayley Smith 09-09-13


Steve makes fitness fun, yet works you hard at the same time. He listens intently to what you want to get out of your sessions and is creative in trying to achieve these goals. Steve grades the fitness stations up or down to give you the 'just right' challenge, walking that fine line of making you push yourself to that next level of fitness, however, considering how you are performing on that day. He is flexible and reliable with timings so that you can add a fitness régime to even the most hectic schedule. What a life fitness is exactly that, his personal training sessions or boot camps make you feel good about yourself and your body, so that you can enjoy the rest of your life to its fullest. 

Michelle McGuire 05-09-13​

After 10 sessions with Steve, I have noticed such a massive improvement in my fitness and general health.  I started very unhealthy and unfit but with Steve's challenging training programme of weights, resistance and boxing I have built up my stamina and fitness.  

Steve is always changing the programme which I enjoy as I never quite know what be coming next.  Even at my weakest moments Steve's advice and motivation always gets me through the hardest exercises.

I might be exhausted at the end of each session but it has been so rewarding and if Steve gets his way I will be entering races before long which is something I would never have considered just a few months ago when I was sitting on the sofa!!!

Alison Searle 05-09-13​

I joined What A Life’s Boot Camp at the beginning of August 2013, and have now attended 6 sessions run by Steve.  I am already feeling the benefit of the 1 hr work outs and my fitness level is definitely increasing.  The sessions are hard work, but fun and vary each week, so you don’t get bored.  I thoroughly recommend What A Life’s Boot Camp. Go on give it a go!

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