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Personal Training 


The ultimate way to workout effectively and efficiently with maximum support and motivation. My one-on-one PT not only helps clients work out more effectively but offers specialist & innovative guidance which focus on your specific needs.


Kick start your efforts to lose weight and get fit with a set of personal training sessions. Get started now to get ready for your summer holidays. Its never to late!! 

Barbell Squats
1 to 2 Personal Training


Would you like to train with your husband or wife, a friend or a work colleague?

Group PT allows you to get personal training at a reduced price. I

I can train upto 8 people at a time. These sessions are 30mins or 1hr. They differ from bootcamps in that they are more focused on your personal goals rather than a general group/bootcamp session where individual goals will vary.

Boxing Session
Bootcamp/Corparate Bootcamp

Bootcamp Sessions can either be 60mins or 30mins. These are intense to get the most form you in the time given. This gives you the opportunity to workout with friends or even make new ones.

If you would like one for you'd your friends or for your company then please let me know. This could be at Lunchtime or afterwork. With the summer coming up its an ideal time to get out in the park and have some fun and workout at the same time.

TRX Bootcamp
Running Programmes

Have you just taken up running? Or perhaps you have entered an race and would like a programme to follow to get you to race day and be able to be at your best?

I am an experienced runner and also a UK Athletics coach specialising in endurance.

Let me know what you would like and I will design you a programme.

Running Session


Are you struggling to lose weight? It could be your diet that is the problem.

I will send you a food diary for the week, which you fill in and send back to me and I will analyse it and let you know where you are going wrong.

Meal Prep/Nutrition
Online/Phone Coaching


Would you like coaching and weekly programmes even though you cannot make it to sessions with me?

I can speak to you online or over the phone to help with your training. 

Online Coaching
TRX Bootcamp
Lunges using the TRX
Single Leg Squats
Setup for a session in he park
Unikurve Pyramid circuit
Boxing circuit
Training equipment
Squats using resistance bands
Session equipment
Circuit training
Kettlebell session
Kettlebell session
TRX squat
TRX Chest Press
What A Life Fitness
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Playing Card Workout
TRX chest press
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TRX pike
Ready do do tucks in the TRX at bootcamp #whatalifefitness #bootcamp #trx #personaltrainer #personal
Picture from around 20miles yesterday taken by my former work friends who were waiting for me to giv
Everything ready for bootcamp with the ladies #whatalifefitness #bootcamp #london #exercise #running
Resistance Band workout time.
sprint session with exercises
Barbell circuit
Kettlebell and Ab Roller
Circuit training
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